Vision & Mission
Vinayaga Education College strive hard to inculcate learning acumen among learning people to respond and cater to the present needs of society through dedicated educator.
Fostering and encouraging culture, values and creativity.
Recognizing and fulfilling the social needs.
Encouraging to achieve great excellence in quality teaching.
Promoting an effective learning among rural pupils.
Creating a green atmosphere and promote the idea of green revolution.
Motivating the pupil for the optimal use of college infrastructure.
Developing a situation of scientific inquiry.
Supporting economic development by inculcation of protective entrepreneurial spirit.
Integrating the world community to attain globalization.
Uplifting the rule pupils to undertake various socially useful research projects.
To empower the pupils by inculcating values.
To prepare pupils so as to acquire the professional skill.
To provide higher education to pupils without discrimination of caste, creed and religion.
To give subject competence by adopting advanced techniques of instruction.
To empower the pupils with leadership quality.
To foster creativity among the pupils.
To encourage friendly environment among pupils.
To enhance knowledge acquisition through ICT oriented training.
To empower the pupils so as to become exemplary through constant skill orientation programme.
To promote research attitude among pupils through higher education.
To construct dynamic, optimistic and committed pupils by giving a very good learning environment in order to inculcate higher education and employable skill among them.
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