Course Details
B.Ed Optional Subject
Each student has to study first optional subject paper 1 based on their parent discipline (Major Subject) at the UG leval and the second optional subject of study shall be based on their ancillary subjects paper 1 or Teaching of Tamil Paper-1 or Teaching English Paper-1 at the UG level
1. Teaching of English Paper - I
2.Teaching of English Paper - II
3.Teaching of Tamil Paper - I
4.Teaching of Tamil Paper - II
5.Teaching of Mathematics Paper - I
6.Teaching of Mathematics Paper - II
7.Teaching of Urdu Paper - I
8.Teaching of Urdu Paper - II
9.Teaching of Physical Science Paper - I
10.Teaching of Physical Science Paper - I
11.Teaching of Physical Science Paper - I
12.Teaching of Physical Science Paper - I
13.Teaching of Physical Science Paper - I
14.Teaching of Physical Science Paper - I
15.Teaching of Geography Paper - I
16. Teaching of Geography Paper - II
17.Teaching of Home Science Paper - I
18.Teaching of Home Science Paper - II
19.Teaching of Commerce and Accountancy Paper - I
20.Teaching of Commerce and Accountancy Paper - II
21.Teaching of Economics Paper - I
22.Teaching of Economics Paper - II
23.Teaching of Computer Science Paper - I
24.Teaching of Computer Science Paper - II
25. Teaching of Social Science Paper - I
26.Teaching of Social Science Paper - II
27.Teaching of Early Childhood Education
M.Ed Optional Subject
Candidate can choose two optional one from subjects under Group I and the other from the subjects under Group II.
Group I Group II(Educational Levels)
1. Pre-Primary and Primary Education
2. Secondary and Higher Secondary Education
3. Higher Education
4. Teacher Education
5. Vocational and Occupational Education
6. Non-formal Education
7. Education for the Gifted
8. Special Education for the Mentally Challenged.
Group II (Technical Specialities)
1. Curriculum Development
2. Text Book Writing
3. Guidance and Counselling
4. Educational Management Techniques.
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